Hello guys, this is me, Skylord Angel a.k.a Skye talking here. I am here today to tell everyone one particular thing. Claiming a rank. And, yes, this is the Rank Claim page for the Rollback rank. I need staff for this archive, and it is going to get extremely hard, since this is a new archive. I invited one of my friends to come over and be an Admin, but she might not get the chance. Still, if you want to be a Rollback, the requirements are as below.

  • You will need to have at least 45 edits or 345 achievement points.
  • You must do your job.
  • You must be a poweruser.
  • You cannot be a user that has been blocked on a Pokemon-related wiki.
  • You must not abuse your powers.

And after the requirements, you must be at least active 3 times a week, because, if you want to get promoted, you need to be an active user. That's all for today, and 'till the next time we meet, TAKE TO THE SKIES!

P.S. After all of the requirements are met, please contact me on my talk page.