~ Stalfos? Skull Kid? What Are Those? ~


Original Author: datadoggieein on DeviantArt

Theory Edit

Many Pokémon fans are familiar with the Pokémon Zorua and Yamask. They seem to be completely different Pokémon, Yamask is a depressing, shadowy Pokémon that is actually the soul of a dead human. Zorua is a cute, foxlike Pokémon with the power to transform. But they may something in common. Something dark. According to its Pokedex entry in Pokémon Black, Zorua often likes to assume the form of a silent child. But why this? Why not another Pokémon? Those form look familiar. Yes, it is. This form is like Yamask's mask. It is what the Zorua looked like in a past life. Remember Stalfos and Skull kids in The Legend of Zelda? If an adult gets lost in the Lost Woods, he or she will become a Stalfos. If a child gets lost they become a Skull Kid. The same factor may apply to Yamask and Zorua. If an adult dies in the Pokémon world, they will become a Yamsk and consequently Cofagrigus. If a child dies in the Pokémon world, they will become a Zorua and consequently Zoroark.