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This story is plucked from the Pokepasta wikia. This is a trollpasta. A good type of trollpasta at least.

Pokemon Demonic X Edit

It was December 25th 2013. I was a 11 year old boy and i got the new pokemon X. I unwrapped the present and saw the cover but it was just black. I showed my parents but they told me they didnt see any black. I didn't care so i opened it up and inside was a white cartridge with X written on it with a blue sharpie. I popped it in my 3DS and started playing. i chose froakie and his cry was slowed down (i think). I researched it on youtube and I was right. So i battled my way to the 1st gym leader, Viola and she didn't say anything. She just gave me the bug badge and said "LEAVE" I was dissapointed because I didn't get to battle, anyways my froakie reached lvl 16. It was finally going to evolve but when it shows the evo of froakie the game freezes with a loud buzz and then i go back to the home menu. i restarted the game and when it got to the opening screen there was no music and it just showed a picture of xerneas lying dead with blood splattered all over the ground and trees. I restarted it once more but this time xerneas was gone only showing my trainer with his hat covering his eyes and i could also see blood coming from his invisible eyes. I sold that god forsaken cartridge back to gamestop and didnt say a word after playing it. My freinds at shcool all had pokemon x and y but i didnt. They asked me why and i told them the whole thing but they thought i was lying. I wanted to take the cartridge back but they already sold it. They didn't tell me who or what they looked like they just told me that they sold it. Im now afraid to play Pokemon... FOREVER!!!