~ I BELIEVE I CAN FLY! ~

I lived in the Kanto region, and I have a pet Eevee who I named Mime, and she never battled,so the kids in town made fun of me. "What's the point of having a Pokemon when you don't even battle with it?" They shouted at me.

One day, I saw someone's master ball on the sidewalk. "Hmm? What is this? Who's master ball is it?" I picked it up. Weeks later, no Missing Pokemon sign was anywhere. So I went outside and threw it and a small flygon came out, it was as big as a pikachu, it seemed to like me, so Iwas able to fly on it, and it was really strong.

One winter night, after a long day of playing came to an end, I woke up to Flygon, blood with snow melting on it. "Hi buddy, how ya doing?" "FLY!" It yelled at me. It was dissressed, it slaped me with it tail, I fainted.

I woke in bed, with my 3DS with Pokemon X in it, I looked and my flygon push was thare, coved in ketchup and red marker all over him! Then I realized, it was just a dream...

(I wanted to make this, I do have a flygon plush and I love it, so I made a creepypasta out of it, and most of the story was just a dream, and the end were it said "I woke in bed," was is real life.)